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Complete concierge service

I take care of everything... or almost...

Welcoming and leaving your holidaymakers

It's the minimum concierge service with the added bonus...

There promotion of your rental on our websites (,, FaceBook, Google, Instagram and our tourism partners) but also on other well-known platforms such as OTAs (Online Travel Agencies).  ; Of course, I manage the rental contract directly.

Contact with vacationers will be made directly with CaraïbeServices, before, during and if necessary after the rental.

The maintenance of your swimming pool and/or jacuzzi (private) is included in this formula.

As for the minimum formula, the removal of sheets and towels will be done when the tenants leave and I will drop them off at your laundry

Recyclables and trash will be removed.

Your accommodation will then be ready to send your cleaning staff or those of CaraïbeServices (a package can be calculated based on the surface area, number of bedrooms, number of beds, bathroom/shower rooms, WC, terraces, etc. .)

Maintenance of the private pool

The commission will be 20% of your net rental income (amount you receive for this rental) with a minimum of 20% calculated on the basis of 4 nights rental.

If purchases are necessary for the welcome basket or rental starter kit, I can take care of them and invoice you as a disbursement (same price as the purchase and invoice in your name)

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